467 - Shop Talk with Billy Baumann and OK Pants

It's Friday and it's time for some Shop Talk. This week Mark, Billy, and special guest OK Pants get together and bring you everything from clown crimes to removing safety bars. Delicious Design League is turning ten years old this weekend and have an all new website that everyone should go peruse. OK Pants is handling everything from new printers to old destroyers and how to budget for the upcoming holiday season. Mark steers today's adventure through the stormy waters of freelance hardships and boutique agency hang ups to find the chicken nuggets that help you make better decisions and even a possibly more informed vote. Stay tuned for the xylophone dinging out this week's cool points and even a drop in from the Southern Lawyer. This Friday has got a little something for everyone so get out your drums and start the banging.

Talking Points

  • Kasual Klown Fridaze at the office and the affiliated crimes being swept under the rug.
  • Billy breaks down the Vice President Candidates and their stance on the hot button issues.
  • Broach game on the debate floor.
  • Disruption branding and breaking down the pattern.
  • Battlestar Galactica Wardrobes and the damned if she does damned if she doesn't mentality.
  • What type of printer do you need?
  • Making your money back on a fool's gold investment.
  • Budgeting with a fluctuating income.
  • Operating cash, personal income, and planning for taxes.
  • Field Votes and drumming up support for November's Election.
  • Howard Stern, Patton Oswalt, and Henry Rollins as political advisors.
  • The OK Pants product line and getting LeBron James to throw a destroyer disk.
  • When the world wants one inch, you give them nine.
  • Bartering Brave and DDL's 10 Year Anniversary celebration and poster sale.
  • Location. Location. Location.
  • Choosing Secret Panel contributors.
  • Analyzing passion projects and spreading yourself thin.
  • Doing the math on the purchase funnel for your target market.
  • James Flames hires The Southern Lawyer.
  • Taking your foot off the gas in Spring and regaining lost momentum.
  • Balancing your books over the holidays.
  • Fulfillment and finding the hook that resonates with your fanbase. 
  • Branding the taco while waiting for lightning to strike twice.
  • The modern marvel of Tesla and holding NASA to Star Wars standards.
  • Finding the new tempo of the Tempo.
  • Independent screen flooding and not worrying about your ink drying up.
  • Phantom fears and full stop safety bars.
  • Cheating in public while drawing straight lines.
  • Opening The Passion Of The Crust somewhere in America.

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