468 - Shop Talk with Sean Mort

From boxer briefs to alleyways, the breaking news is back on Shop Talk with Mark Brickey and Sean Mort as your trusted sources for everything in the AID Universe. The Bromance brings you another down to the minute question and answer segments from Instagram Stories. You have questions and Breaking News gives you the honest answers you won't find anywhere else. How does Sean keep things profitable with all the traveling he has to do for shows? Where do you find the drive to build an escape pod? How many Instagram accounts does Robert From Chicago exert influence over? What does Mark think about giclees? Sean also shares a financial breakdown of his weekend in DC and gets prepped for Northern Craft. Its another non-stop, no holds barred Shop Talk from the floor of the AID Newsroom. 

Talking Points

  • Doing crack at the COT London Meetup.
  • Trying to do everything when you're a people pleaser.
  • Sticking with your calling card.
  • Waiting for a sign and trusting your gut.
  • Foo Fighters planting the seed to design once and get paid forever.
  • The honesty in our origins.
  • The Robert From Chicago controversy.
  • Man panties, boxer briefs, and taking your friendship to a whole new level.
  • Staying profitable and accounting for your expenses.
  • How uncertain economic times effect your pocketbook.
  • Mark the Godfather and calling out friends while keeping it copacetic.
  • Customer concerns about screenprinting.
  • Mark flops on another strongly help opinion.
  • Elbow grease in the AID action.
  • Ginnels and wet alley fetishes.
  • What IS a wheelhouse though?
  • Finding inspiration.
  • Imposter Syndrome and moving up a level while you feel so far behind.
  • Analyzing Sean's trip to DC and dreaming of Double Weekends.
  • A live Northern Craft ad is made.
  • Vendor promotional efforts, forgotten vacations, and diplomatically dealing with delicate flowers.
  • The win win of expanding with friends.
  • Saving $198 on Aladdin from the comfort of your own home.
  • Getting mixed up for Mark.
  • Westworld, The Strain, and marathoning Halt And Catch Fire.
  • Breaking Membership News.