466 - Derrick Castle

Kill the fatted calf and break out the homemade bbq sauce because the prodigal son has returned. Derrick Castle has been busy balancing his day job, building Straw Castle, and having a few moments of family time. His talent is undeniable, his determination is unmatched, but where does he want to place his energy? How does Derrick decide which path to follow when financial stability is important to being a provider? While everyone else is rushing headfirst into making a name for themselves we find Derrick slowly but surely building his Straw Castle to be there when he decides it's time. This patience is a healthy reminder that with some planning and a steady timeline our dreams will manifest on their own time and when it's finally right to make that leap. Derrick has everything he needs and his return to the AID airwaves finds him looking at the pros and cons of the design world from in house to his own house.

Talking Points

  • The return of the prodigal son.
  • Balancing a regular job with your very successful side hustle.
  • Thinking outside to brand your first away game.
  • The changing rules of setting up your space.
  • Home Depot is your booth best friend when you're out of town.
  • Union rules and red tape.
  • Self imposed aesthetic boundaries and getting your art outside your comfort zone.
  • The unhappy white people convention.
  • Lightbox signs that is ruining southern culture.
  • Mexican restaurant murals and google image searches that just won't do.
  • Collaborating with agencies.
  • Taking advantage of in house and the perceived value in New York City agencies.
  • Contracting in and outsourcing for the best result.
  • Calling bullshit on regurgitated presentations.
  • The slippery slop to engineering culture.
  • Getting youth-anized and connecting with millennials.
  • Why a sixty year old is less likely to get hired than a pregnant woman.
  • Getting your bunker ready and weathering the storm.
  • Workforce cuts and how to stay desirable as an artist.
  • Bringing your passion back into the corporate culture.
  • Busy schedules and learning to delegate.
  • What is slipping through the cracks and into Derrick's to do list.
  • Straw Castle vs. Stability
  • Dropping your expenses and planning out your future.
  • Using firearms as paperweights.
  • Getting teabagged by a smurf and being almost too nice.