447 - Canadian Shop Talk with Justin Erickson, Ben Playford, and Jason Edmiston

Bang the internationally conscientious drum at a reasonable pace because it's Canadian Shop Talk this Friday! Having walked over to our neighbors in the north on foot and disguised as a journalist, Mark gathers together three of Canada's top creatives to have a multi-cultural sit down and discuss everything from politics to The Tragically Hip. How do Justin Erickson from Phantom City Creative, Jason Edmiston, and Ben Playford of Tribal Worldwide compete on a global scale from their homebase of Toronto? Will Canada build a wall to keep us away from their life saving healthcare and class integrated metropolitan areas? Who's getting any of that sweet government funded grant money for the arts? Today's Shop Talk brings us some very polite opinions about art, time management, and a world issue or two as we say Goodbye to our friends in the Great White North.

Talking Points

  • Why Toronto?
  • How much work done in Canada is actually American based?
  • The availability of the Canadian Government funded art grants.
  • The difference in Fests up north and the hrudle for the arts in Toronto.
  • A commercial free Canadian oddity.
  • Industrial Music Bars and mirror walls.
  • Singing Misfits Karaoke.
  • How Canadians view Donald Trump and his potential effect on the world's economy.
  • Loving a god dumpster fire.
  • The Canadian way of disagreeing when it comes to politics.
  • Balancing life with work and about fifteen other things!
  • What's going on at Phantom City Creative.
  • Real life in Toronto.
  • Provincial Healthcare against the private interests that run America.
  • Receiving a notice when the bill is already paid.
  • What (these) Canadians want to run their businesses better in the Great White North.
  • Competing in at a global scale in a creative market with a quarter of the budget.
  • Urban planning and forgotten Americans.
  • From freeway signage to ice shortages: what's wrong with Canada.
  • Missing out on social media when your latest and greatest work is under lock and key.
  • Inside Out meets Punk Rock.
  • A real life Canadian Off!
  • Who's the Ringo in this Shop Talk?