446 - Jason Edmiston

Few can match the technical skill and raw talent that has come to define Jason Edmiston. His mastery of light, composition, and creativity are what define two decades of work that has lead to a career filled with projects anyone would kill a family member to get their hands on. After attaining all of these milestones in illustration, Jason still craves to reach that next mountain top and find new heights to where his craft can take him. However, looking past his art anyone can learn from Jason's drive to succeed and the sense of humility he constantly keeps about him. With shows lined up, promotions plotted out, and a book encompassing his entire career in the works there is never a dull moment from this sought after legend in the world of art.

Talking Points

  • The show before the Con.
  • Behind the scenes on numbering and finding prints.
  • Experiments in scheduling.
  • Planning out your releases and strategically promoting it.
  • Pre-promoting Visceral.
  • Chapped thighs and Big Kats.
  • Assessing your level in the industry through compendiums.
  • IS is officially an international epidemic.
  • High end fashion lighting techniques in your art, on your photos, AND on brand.
  • The rise of vector art and cyclical taste.
  • Appreciating line work from a better time.
  • Keeping AID honest.
  • The numbness that comes with getting what you want.
  • The tunnel vision of a passionate person.
  • Waking up excited and the evil necessity of sleep.
  • Transitioning from survival to experience.
  • Getting into your groove, getting hired to be who you want to be, and picking what you want to do.
  • Is it ok to hope other people went through the same mistakes you did?
  • The life experiences that define us and the greener grass of other's careers.
  • Gringos donating Doritos.
  • The Con's and Fest's where you can find Jason.
  • Reference photos for Masters Of The Universe.
  • GIFs, Gicleés, and the superior file format to rule them all.