445 - Miles Tsang

Miles Tsang has achieved so much in his (relatively) short time in the world of illustration. Using distinct illustrative style that borders on how music both looks and feels, Miles quickly became a sought after artist working with everyone from Iggy Pop to Dave Matthews Band to Neil DeGrasse-Tyson. After achieving so much so quickly Miles sits at the top of his world and has started to wonder where his next steps will take him. Where do you go when you've hit your dream's financial ceiling so quickly? What do you think when your mentors are all having mid life career crises and you are over a decade younger than them? Who will replace you as the next round of artists come flooding out of schools every single summer? Miles is a deep thinking artist, and you can see how he expresses himself across his entire body of work, so all of these questions and the current state of world affairs weighs on him heavily as Mark sits down with him for Canada Week. Adventures In Design is built around honesty and Miles has got that in spades so strap in for an intense look at the rise of a young talent and the future in he will create next.

Talking Points

  • Hitting the ceiling on your dreams.
  • Should you make new goals or adding on to what you already have?
  • Determining pricing until the next evolution in your career.
  • Watching multiple mid life career crises in your own profession.
  • Birds in flight and cars crashing.
  • Social responsibility and the echo chambers 20 somethings exist in.
  • Coping with anxiety and finding contentment.
  • Setting yourself up for the next chapter.
  • Drawing from the well of other experiences and staying inspired.
  • Exploring the unknown through journaling.
  • Hiding in your safe spot and utilizing self reflection.
  • Developing design rules that can set you free.
  • The F Word and where to go next.
  • Taking personal responsibility to bring about the change you want to see.
  • Seeing behind artists who continually project success.
  • Using your restlessness to propel you towards your next step.
  • Shanghai Disney and the AID Takeover.
  • World Brands and overcoming cultural differences.
  • What Americans need to know about Canada.
  • The dumbing down of pop culture and losing faith in the studio system.