420 - Chris Parks

Get ready to expand your mind and tickle the back corners of your psyche as Chris Parks returns to our plane to share his adventures in design and beyond. While some of the ways Chris might spend his time wouldn't be your first choice on a list of activities, what he has learned and brought back to share is incredibly engaging and well thought out. Our psychedelic ambassador has recently completed an ayahuasca ceremony and gives Mark a complete breakdown of how the ceremony works and what he experienced during the eight hour journey. As the episode unfolds themes of creativity and the artist's role in society come to light as well as how on earth Chris took these incredibly lighted illegal cave photos. Trust us, this episode will expose you to a few new paths to take and where you consider the boundaries of your reality.

Talking Points

  • Getting past the cool guy with his arms crossed.
  • How the "Hooks In The Water" concept works and developing the long haul mindset.
  • Pushing your boundaries to improve your bread and butter.
  • How to research mind altering substances.
  • The meditative side of psychedelic exploring.
  • An ayahuasca ceremony in full detail from Chris Parks' perspective.
  • The various roads a trip can take.
  • Controlling yourself in an uncontrollable environment.
  • Does time drift in and out like a massage on a trip?
  • Creative breakthrough in experiential learning moments.
  • Simulating character building experiences that push us to see the world from a broader perspective.
  • The business model behind an ayahuasca ceremony.
  • The pros and cons of saying hello to strangers.
  • Being on your Disneyland behavior all of the time.
  • Islamic tile patterns mistaken for cave painting pentagrams.
  • Exposure times and light paintings.
  • Mark endorses performance art.
  • Bringing souvenirs back to the commercial world.
  • The illustration agent that lands Chris jobs with Brisk.
  • Walking hand in hand with gig posters.
  • Time management and five minute journals.
  • Generating a marketplace for art scene consumerism.
  • The prevalence of creativity infused in the next generations.
  • The social significance of mural painting and spreading light into the darkness.
  • Where are the vacations in sexuality?
  • You might be through with the past, but the past isn't through with you.
  • Analyzing your personality and regaining the freedom to trust yourself.