419 - June Poster Countdown with Mitch Putnam

It's that time of the month where Mark Brickey and Mitch Putnam round up the Top 10 Posters featured on OMGPosters.com during the month of June. By analyzing the color, composition, and illustrative style of these masters of their craft we all can learn how to improve our own efforts in the creative world. Each one of these incredibly crafted posters represents some unique aspect of art that grabs your eye and doesn't let it go and between Mark's years under the squeegee and the powerhouse of pop culture Mitch has helped build this poster countdown is filled with advice about making intriguing work and pick apart what makes any piece of art work. After the awards are handed out Mitch and Mark analyze several popular business models that various artists are exploring or exploiting to advance their careers and make a little more money.

Talking Points

  • The Top 10 Poster for the month of June form OMGPosters.com
  • Moving posters and trusting whoever does it.
  • Handling large amounts of type on a poster.
  • How the internet can show us the growing pains of an artist.
  • Blending typography to an illustration.
  • Developing a palatable concept series.
  • Telling a story without showing the main character.
  • Thematic posters of yesteryear.
  • Spreading you creative wings in the gig poster world.
  • Composition. Composition. Composition.
  • Identifying relatable subject matter for various audiences.
  • Generating viewer interest through narrative.
  • The gray area of pop culture homage.
  • Scaling up AID like ICP.
  • Generating consumer incentive on incredibly limited editions.
  • The ladder of a low price.
  • How to send in your demo tape and not rewarding bad behavior.
  • Gaining leverage through your own developed fanbase.
  • The fatigue of an ongoing print series and retaining fan engagement.
  • Will API evolve to the current market?