408 - Shop Talk with Sean Mort

There are days when the world just feels so overwhelming that the absolute last thing you want to talk about first thing Monday morning is line weight and eye lines. With America staring down the brink of collapse and Old America already taking the plunge, Mark and Sean commiserate the oncoming demise of life as we know it. Whether you agree with them or not, these two both know that making your voice heard can get a conversation started and challenge a few erroneously held opinions for the better. In the Circle Of Trust Mark gets into his jaunt out to Vegas with DKNG and a brand new (potential) character to the AID Universe.

Talking Points

  • An inside look at Britain leaving the EU.
  • The financial shift in Sean's world.
  • Politics? Yeah.... politics in two separate countries.
  • Is the past as good as we thought it was?
  • Making success instead of expecting it.
  • Mark and Sean's mutually vacationless childhoods.
  • Entitlement and substance abuse.
  • Playing to your audience and putting on a show.
  • The venn diagram of Hilary Clinton's closet and hotel furniture.
  • Speaking you mind when it counts.
  • The odd ebb and flow of social media solidarity.
  • Remembering to step outside your bubble to get the whole picture.
  • Leaving the world a better place by being the best version of you.
  • How alternate opinions challenge your own.
  • Why we rant.
  • The inevitable return of Buffalo Brickey.
  • Rental car upgrade scams.
  • Driving through the desert in the biggest pick up truck ever designed by Amko.
  • The design aspect of Vegas hotels.
  • Mark discovers golf. 
  • Walking into the Licensing Expo with a plan.
  • Meeting Scott, cross checking with Brad, and finessing the details.
  • Mixing business partners with pleasure.
  • Diversifying the AID business plan.
  • The urge to spread professional happiness.