409 - Jeral Tidwell

Jeral Tidwell faces life with a unique passion to challenge himself and the world around him at each turn. In a time and place where very little feels like yours, Jeral has made it his business to own every asset he relies on in life to side step the traps most of us fall victim to. The best part is, he is happy to share everything he has learned during these journeys to help you along your own path. Whether you think he is too smart or too stupid to understand the consequences of these risks, Jeral sees past all that and makes his dreams manifest. Having just taken on the largest art project of his life with over 15,000 square feet of industrial warehouse to manage and hundreds of thousands of dollars from the bank, Jeral takes us inside this adventure to become a part of something even bigger than himself. Concrete, calculators, creative spaces, and a double dose of redneck wisdom are waiting for you in this not to be missed interview. 

Talking Points

  • Pro Tip: leave your shoes on during naked pranks for quick getaways.
  • Getting some action from the Screaming Hand.
  • Pushing passion projects to the background.
  • Jeral's plans for WMC Fest as Mark's opening support.
  • Working both harder and smarter.
  • AID's Freebird track "Pulling A Tidwell."
  • Adding up life's lessons to continually grow.
  • Converting two abandoned warehouses into an art studio, living space, and classroom.
  • Figuring out how to break the rules... even with bank loans.
  • The purchase price stacked up against the renovation costs.
  • Balancing the modern industrial look in a living space.
  • Why suits shouldn't run artists spaces.
  • Raising money and giving back to your community.
  • Mark donates his leftover nude calendars.
  • Finding the time, finding the money, or saying no to yourself.
  • The benefits to continually challenging yourself in life.
  • Needs, wants, and spending your money on assets.
  • Advancing. Holding. Digging.
  • Diversifying your future by shifting away form design.
  • Thinking about the long term and opening the calculator app on your phone.
  • Pinstriping and the self confidence it breeds.
  • Comforting the ones you love.
  • Empathy for animals over people.
  • The age of entitlement and the lack of no-nonsense Dads.
  • Apple Z-ing your responsibility.
  • Making Home Depot less demasculating.