404 - Shop Talk with Sean Mort and David Defeo

Just like the very real and very responsive democracy we have here in the glorious United States of America, your voices were heard and The State Of The Podcast was listening. Through analyzing the download numbers of each month's episodes, we have made a few adjustments in content and pacing to create an all new format to the SOTP with a but more Shop Talk up front before we dive into ranking the episodes and critiquing ourselves. However, this initial change is enough to show you the importance of analyzing business strategies and adjusting them when necessary. At the top of the show David shares some of his struggles in entering the freelance world and properly promoting himself while Sean and Mark offer sage advice on overcoming these struggles with their collective experience. After that we move into analyzing the episodes from May and what is and isn't working as Adventures In Design continues to march on. 

Talking Points

  • Sprucing up the State Of The Podcast.
  • David's fake freelance career.
  • Is Game Of Thrones getting better or worse?
  • The return of Curb and is Larry David included on Team David?
  • Balancing a job with freelance work.
  • Pushing through to get around the truck.
  • Strategies on generating new work.
  • The history of WizardSex.Org and other URLs David shouldn't own.
  • Using illustration and audience prompts as a creative exercise.
  • What to do when you fall out of love with your job.
  • Mark's fully idealized future for AID and how to do the same with your dreams.
  • Communicating clearly with your portfolio.
  • Mark and Ruth mend social media fences.
  • Capturing Chip's essence and removing tow pieces of him.
  • Population control through selective breeding.
  • Ranking AID episodes from the month of May.
  • The role of Autopia and gauging the amount of work versus the audience's engagement.
  • How sound effects get made on AID.
  • Why The DKNG Show is so damn good. Really good. Go listen to them right now!
  • Growing your audience to a point where your voice gets lost.
  • Adjusting your personality to get the most out of someone.
  • Proving yourself before you ask for something.
  • The infamous Landland interview and their incredible story and mature choices in life.
  • The benefits of bending episodes towards current events.
  • The venn diagram of being a creative talent and being an intriguing storyteller.
  • Is the Bonus Content attracting more Circle Of Trust sign ups?
  • The purpose behind Storyteller.