403 - Shop Talk Friday with Billy and James

Shop Talk returns in full force with the dream team reunited and ready to bang the drum. James is back in the James' chair and Billy no longer has to be good now that company isn't around. After the boys get reacquainted we get an update on Delicious Design League and their move to a larger office and some of the difficulties involved with transporting some very heavy and very sensitive equipment. We also get critiques on the attraction posters developed for Shanghai Disney from Mark, Billy, and James as they use their collective experience to pull apart designs that have some tricky international and cross cultural constraints. Antics Ensue.

Talking Points

  • DDL is almost through moving their offices.
  • How to move a semi automatic press.
  • Semi-auto press disaster stories.
  • DDL’s custom booth spray and Billy’s sponge policy.
  • Getting inspiration from other creative’s studios.
  • Anaheim’s twenty year tax incentive and the $68 million dollar bathroom update.
  • Critiquing Shanghai’s Disney attractions posters.
  • Using forced perspective.
  • Using scale as a devices to control the composition.
  • Adjusting Disney's image to fit Shanghai's market.
  • Will queues work?
  • The practicality in consistent branding.
  • Using a poster to capture an emotion or literally capturing an event.
  • Taking a page out of Atari's book.
  • Creating motion in a poster with your subject matter.
  • Mark's first Skillshare class.
  • Embodying cultural norms in art.
  • What do painting looks like on the walls of American diners in foreign countries?
  • James' Euro Trip
  • How a freelancer plans for a vacation.
  • Your persona on and off stage.
  • Seeing your artwork come to life.
  • Taking out what you put in to life.
  • A Southern Gentleman form New york City.
  • Our inability to defy our biology.
  • Why AID pays royalties up front.