394 - Shop Talk Monday with Sean Mort

Sean Mort and your host Mark Brickey are back in the saddle of Shop Talk and they are ready to entertain. Northern Craft looms closer and Sean has opened applications as he juggles getting ready for Primavera in Barcelona and make his debut in the gallery world. Mark has developed a few TV pitches that he runs by Sean for a second pass at some ground breaking concepts in television. Unfortunately, Sean doesn't like too many of them and the fate of this ever blossoming international bromance hangs in peril! Antics definitely ensue.

Talking Points

  • Northern Craft is open for applications!
  • Mark commemorates English Holidays.
  • Sean hears the infamous "Woo! Woo Woo!" for the first time.
  • An update on Sean entering the gallery world.
  • A Jerkoff Call: The Raw Deal with Raw
  • Professionally and courteously contacting people.
  • The perils in becoming jaded at your job.
  • Scrooge Mc Ducking God's FU Money.
  • Mark's TV show pitches.
  • Stacking your ideas up against Hollywood.
  • Has the international Bromance come to an end and who will replace Sean?
  • The end of Dateline Disney.
  • What is there to do in Los Angeles?
  • 4 fries. 2 cups.
  • Mark's Anniversary trip to Palm Springs.
  • Double Bed Romances and the Mr. Fantastic Penis Fantasy.
  • Being suspicious when 10's talk to 20's.
  • The food war at the Brickey Household.
  • The roulette wheel of the price on specials and being denied fried chicken.