Circle of Trust Bonus Content No.15 - Bootleg Shop Talk with Robert From Chicago

It's Friday so you know it's time for a Shop Talk! Off week or no off week we know you need AID to bang the drum and get you in the mood. Mark brings in Robert From Chicago for the very first Bootleg Shop Talk. Production Schedules, vetting vendors, and everything in between is covered when Robert shares his journey with Stuck Up Pins. Mark sheds some light on how your personality type can play into your position and finding the balance between your time on and some guilt free time off!

Talking Points

  • An update on everything that is
  • Determining what your vendors can handle to avoid mistakes.
  • Juggling projects and the importance of spreadsheets.
  • Exclusive preview of Mark's Balance Of Life system.
  • Becoming a broker and handling other people's production values.
  • Researching competitors to find out where you stack up.
  • Robert lands a new job.
  • Applying the lessons of self employment to your next career move.
  • Where does Stuck Up Pins go next?
  • Fake beef and wrestling love.
  • Momo's secret toy stash!
  • The importance of a backing card and telling a story.
  • What photographic style works best for pin promotion?
  • The Threadless business model in the pin game.
  • The $5 Logo Tattoo Face Off!