Circle of Trust Bonus Content No.14 - My So Called TV Life with Connie Collingsworth of Print Mafia

TV Husband and Wife, Mark Brickey and Connie Collingsworth, invite you over to their hypothetical house to sit down on the couch and talk television with them. As the winter seasons wrap up Mark and Connie pull out their lists of top notch shows and back billed possibilities to discuss what's happened, what's good, and what's not worth watching. Don't worry, if you're all caught up, this episode also gets into whats on the horizon as well.  No network or streaming service is safe from the watchful eye of these two. If you're making content, odds are the Siskel and Ebert in the Adventures In Design Universe are most likely watching it. Upgrade your DVR's storage space because you're going to need a lot more space to handle this much entertainment.