Circle of Trust Bonus Content No.13 - Mike King's Maximum Blunder

The last time we heard from Mike King he was calling it quits. Seduced by the blinking lights of New York City and its promise of prosperity in the world of design and marketing Mike left behind his Northwest home for greener pastures. How does a self employed legend transition into the 9-5 world and does a company see the value in the skill set of someone who gets the job done no matter what? What really matters to employers and do we even want those skill sets? Mike King is here to answer all of our question and tell us about his upcoming book, Maximum plunder where he catalogues the past he recently tried to sell NYC on.

Pre-order Maximum Plunder by Mike King on Crowd Supply here:

Talking Points

  • Did Mike King even make it to New York?
  • Selling yourself in the 9-5 world.
  • Developing flexible skill sets outside of illustration.
  • Redefining your perception and your outlook.
  • Choosing to sink or swim in new surroundings.
  • Self starters and the prominence of the bottom line in the workforce.
  • Where does quality fit into a salaried position at a design firm?
  • 280 pages covering over 10 years of Maximum Plunder.
  • The importance of properly cataloging your work.
  • How both your best and worst pieces tell a story.
  • Maximum Plunder 2?
  • Dying by bike messenger and the fragility of life itself.
  • Publish or Perish? Or maybe just Crowd Source instead.
  • How finished is a book that might never get made?
  • Where do you build in the profit on a crowd funded project?
  • Building a ten year team.
  • From telephone poles to merch tables and everywhere in between.