Circle of Trust Bonus Content No.12 - Greg Kerr of

When Greg saw a hole in the marketplace of the emerging enamel pin world he gathered up the resources he had already established, purchased and had the site up an running in under an hour. You heard Greg on the 20 Characteristics You Need To Succeed episode and now you got to hear about how he put many of those traits into practice to potentially double his yearly income. This Circle Of Trust Exclusive Content gets into the heart of the matter and the steps needed to feel prepared and confident that you can offer a product that you know is needed and can deliver. Mark and Greg also discuss balancing your life with the actual work demand, when its right to delegate, and when to let go so you can focus on growing even more.

Talking Points

  • Developing the your brain's muscle memory for production and the bottom line of any business.
  • How running one business allows you to be ready for your second.
  • Vetting your supplier to feel confident in their abilities.
  • Running a business that is by a fan for the fans or business to business and which one can best match your personality.
  • Deciding to offer a service versus offering a product.
  • Selling to your existing and trusted client base.
  • Finding skill sets that compliment rather than mirror your own when expanding your business.
  • Handling every aspect of your business to reduce costs and when you need to delegate.
  • Planning the costs versus your time when transitioning out of a task.
  • Price points, minimums, and clients.
  • Saying no to Bart Bootlegs (and other Bart Bootleg-esque things).
  • Planning and investments for upcoming conventions and what products to stock up on.
  • Minimum runs at Miles To Go and determining your own.