383 - Shop Talk with Billy Baumann and James Flames

Get ready for an unbelievable Shop Talk with Mark, Billy, and James. Four years ago the owner of our favorite house to hit on Halloween had his first appearance on AID and we get to hear where everyone was in their career's back then and where they are now. Maybe not so surprisingly, these three strong willed entrepreneurs have achieved so many of the goals they were just starting to take on four years ago. From a fresh faced, prosthetic leg making paisano straight out of Brooklyn to a sought after, unique illustrator whose posters sell out in minutes, follow the path of our very own Robin, James Flames.

Talking Points

  • Construction updates from Delicious Design League.
  • Accounting (or not accounting) for hidden costs in your budget.
  • James Flames first Adventures In Design appearance.
  • Choosing a location that will benefit your profession.
  • Leaving the spotlight to allow your talents to mature.
  • The (alleged) wanderlust brewing inside of James.
  • The hardships of facing reality when you can't see the path to success in your chosen career.
  • Why you should respectfully reach out to the heroes for guidance.
  • How Mark used James to improve Billy's on air persona.
  • Finding solutions or making excuses.
  • Early days in the James Flames career.
  • How long you need to wait for your break in the art world.
  • Starting over again after your first success.
  • The exponential growth that can occur in a freelance career.
  • Determining when you should leave your day job.
  • Having the personality to work for yourself or work for someone else.
  • Keeping a perspective on the long timeline for success.
  • Meditation and its effects.
  • $90,000 or $20 Million dollars. Where is the financial sweet spot?
  • Incorporating breaks in a long day of work.
  • Fighting your parents (literally) and eventually becoming them.
  • Where the dream team met their wives.
  • Parting advice for James.