384 - Shop Talk Monday with Sean Mort

Sean and Mark reach an impasse that could forever change their relationship in this critical Shop Talk. Will The People's Champ transition over to the high priced gallery world and surpass Mark in success and savings? Will the Little Fellers become Smaller Stature Gentlemen? Or is this the most elaborate prank Mark has ever pulled in the history of AID? A very unique opportunity has come Sean's way and he analyzes every angle with Mark at his side to guide him across some of the potential pitfalls. 

Talking Points

  • Learning to enjoy the luxuries in life.
  • Remembering to adjust for inflation.
  • Properly analyzing deals.
  • Maintaining multiple income streams and gauging whether they're hot or cold.
  • Raiding your rates and playing chicken with your price points.
  • Sean's biggest sale and initial entry into the high end gallery world.
  • Assigning a lower value to your work than someone another retailer.
  • Sean passing Mark in the rat race of life in one huge leap.
  • Getting paid less than 5.5% of the asking price for your art.
  • Selling your art to the working class or the high class.
  • Customers who buy art for the investment and not the enjoyment.
  • Transitioning from the DIY world into the gallery scene.
  • Sponsorships strategies for the free portion of the show.
  • Generating spin off money with re-occurring guests.
  • Collecting celebrity endorsements for Northern Craft.
  • Finding fake mustaches at a crime scene.
  • Stool Pigeon Slushie Machines.
  • The search for Sean's replacement.

In The Nucleus of Trust

  • A review on Captain America: Civil War.
  • Taking Drugs with Heath Ledger.
  • Missing Mad Men and the genius of Jon Hamm.
  • Mark's dream to have a cancelled show.
  • Loving the After Shows more than the actual shows.
  • Hanging 14 year olds in Castle Times.
  • Sending private browsing links the way Bono always wanted.
  • Writing credible reviews.