382 - April Poster Countdown with Mitch Putnam and Special Guest Jay Shaw

On the second Wednesday of every month AID counts down the Top 10 Posters collected from OMGposters.com. We study each poster to analyze what made them stand out on a website religiously chalked full of talented artists' work. Jay Shaw, Art Director at Mondo, sits in as our special guest to help review and reflect on these 10 jaw dropping prints that were featured during the month of April. After the countdown wraps up stay tuned for an in depth look at Mondo's business models on Timed Editions and the legwork behind likeness rights. 

Talking Points

  • Associating your illustrative style with your personality.
  • The allure of Open Edition prints and consumer incentives with Limited Edition prints.
  • Crafting a piece where you don't need to see the film to want the poster.
  • Prioritizing elements to improve storytelling.
  • Why Becky Cloonan is so successful so quickly in the poster world.
  • Using negative space properly.
  • Mark hates Purple for a few reasons.
  • Mitch turns 43 (in 9 years).
  • Being too young to die and too late to die young.
  • Intentionally controlling the eye with detail.
  • Illustrative styles that excel in merchandise design and why.
  • Creating work that inspires others to progessively push the medium forward.
  • Sharing your craft with others, even if they don't get it.
  • Fitting your illustrative style to the time period of your piece.
  • Where likeness rights stop and start for celebrities.
  • The hurdles of educating your customer and the likelihood they become a returning and engaged fan.
  • Mondo's new ventures in creating a reoccurring series of prints with Star Wars.
  • The collectibility of Timed Editions.
  • Becoming commercially viable or fan focused as an artist.
  • The pros and cons of creating a series.
  • What alternate intellectual properties have yet to be tapped.
  • Mark finds a ninja turtle property he can get behind.
  • The pains of watching movies for a living.