375 - Shop Talk with Sean Mort


Today's Shop Talk is a tale of two conversation points. What does Apple have to do with Marvel? How can we directly apply the lessons of the Avengers franchise outside of our own careers (outside of licensing the intellectual property and making boatloads of cash off of posters)? Sprinkle in some North Carolina Horse & Craft Fair talk and you have yourself a fully rounded out antic ensuing episode swirling around your favorite international bromance.

Talking Points

  • Setting up Northern Craft (@northern.craft) with the right person who compliments your skill set and sees what you don't.
  • Balancing artist needs and customer needs.
  • Berlin Wall Gift Shop Conspiracy Theories and why walls never do what they are intended to do.
  • Mark's two biggest dreads.
  • US Politics (this isnt a typo).
  • #crazy4curry
  • Earning potential and what we can learn from Apple missing their projections this quarter.
  • Being an industry leader versus being an underdog.
  • How to work backwards and find your financial ceiling within a skill set and the benefits in diversification.
  • Cautiously anticipating trends or waiting for your product to come back in style.
  • The rise of Marvel over 40 years.
  • Creating a project with legs that can lead into other projects.
  • Step back. Dream Big. Make your next few steps count for the next few years.
  • Scolding Chip.
  • Setting yourself up for success.