376 - Zeb Love

It's a labor of Love as Mark goes over the sixty four weeks of Zeb's career. Using his Instagram as a guide back through time, Mark analyzes the pieces and promotion surrounding the work of this young gun and brings up both the hits and misses Zeb has highlighted on his social media. Looking back on everything that has happened since Zeb's last appearance gives a great perspective on growth, balance, and the importance of self reflection.

Talking Points

  • Working backwards from darkness into light.
  • Distribution methods and how to move more of your work.
  • Creating a book of your first five years.
  • Zeb's illustration process on a Cintiq
  • The benefits of a gig poster versus an art print earlier in your career.
  • Foghorn Leghorn blunders.
  • Putting stock in yourself and strategizing for a House Party.
  • Using your work to sell yourself for potential clients.
  • Evaluating your art pieces for specific purposes.
  • Developing an audience by creating a series of prints.
  • Simplifying your concepts and artwork.
  • Spacing out your work for a continual presence on social media.
  • Mark still doesn't like galleries.
  • Tindering in Paris.
  • The magic in test printing.
  • Helping your parents identify with your artwork.
  • Reflecting on each individual piece to grow from it.
  • The next potential phases of AID and enjoying your Fugazi moments before your Nirvana moments.
  • The Balance Of Life Spreadsheet.
  • Moderation. Moderation. Moderation.