COT010 - A Day At Brickeyland

What does a fully grown man have to do to earn a Citizen's Badge at the happiest place on earth?!? Convert a balding loud mouthed skeptic? Check! Bring internationally known talent to point out the artistic merits of the Imaginears? Check! Watch his language around a 9 year old little girl that gets thrown onto your car as a single rider?!? Check! Today's Circle Of Trust Exclusive Content gives you a view inside what a Brickeyland Tour is like and just how contagious the magic in the park can be.

Talking Points

  • The slow reveal of the magic.
  • Viewing Disneyland form the perspective of a giant interactive art project.
  • The escape into the Magic Kingdom.
  • Knowing and respecting the fine line of a professional when they are working and when they are not.
  • Five guys and a little lady... stuck in a car.
  • The pros and cons of Batman Vs. Superman with Tony Mendez.
  • Seeing a ride malfunction as a rare learning experience.
  • Dole Whipping.