COT009 - Jason Edmiston

The King of Dither, Jason Edmiston, is in California and Mark has spent the last few days studying the work of this illustrative juggernaut and taking him to Disneyland. In this Circle Of Trust Exclusive Content Mark and Jason get right into the business of being an artist at a one on one level of interaction all the way up to controlling the experience of seventy thousand people and making them exit through the gift shop. 

Talking Points

  • How to communicate your artistic value to an uneducated audience walking by.
  • Turning a critical eye on how you brand yourself.
  • Getting Fedex-ed and gauging the job pride of an employee.
  • The benefits in creating a shopping experience with multiple price points.
  • The importance of breeding familiarity with your customers.
  • The aspects of visual storytelling at Disneyland and Jason's experience throughout the Brickeyland Tour.
  • Improving your own work by studying outside sources.
  • Designing within constraints.