370 - Shop Talk with Sean Mort and Colin Frangicetto

Success. Failure. Virtual Reality Dogs. Today's Shop Talk has it all and Mark, Sean, and special guest Colin Frangicetto take each topic head on. What do you do as your empire crumbles around you? How much of your success in one world transfers over to any new venture? Do we give the internet to a goat herder's son in Pakistan out of philanthropic motivations or to increase market size? This adventure really does cover a lot of ground that all revolves around how we present ourselves as professionals to the world. 

  • Big announcement for Circle Of Trustees.
  • How control has shifted in the consumption of content and the pace it's created.
  • The fall of Tower Records.
  • How success and fame don't come hand in hand.
  • The Zucklord laughing at himself.
  • Watching what you say to avoid public persecution or being bold for public praise.
  • Why Facebook wants to bring the internet to the whole world.
  • If technology is opening up our world or acting as a barrier to actually experiencing it.
  • Why do alert noises have to be so annoying?
  • The Five Ways We Communicate explained (sort of).
  • Going DIY to connect with your audience.
  • Colin's recent artist collaboration as a timed edition and how that worked out financially. Does time increase collectibility and do you have the right audience for the whole process?
  • Audience size and their engagement levels.
  • Can you take success form one world into another?
  • Learning to laugh at criticisms.
  • A look at Nervous Engine before the curtain is raised. What are Colins stratgies and financial goals for this upcoming venture.
  • "Final" shows, break ups, or going on hiatus.

    These Images Are Colin Frangicetto's Concept Ideas For His New Brand Nervous Engine. Everything bellow is a fellow COT member sharing his rough sketches for a project that has yet to fully take shape. This is an incredible tool that Colin has been nice enough to share with us all. Please be respectful and do not share or over art direct. Let's support our fellow members new Adventure In Design and respect his courage in allowing us all to watch his project from such a early stage of development. -Mark "Log O Rhythm" Brickley