369 - Shop Talk with Billy Baumann and James Flames

Take a front row reserved seat to hear your friends hangout and make sense of the week. Mark, Billy, and James are in classic form for this Friday's Shop Talk as the conversation rotates between life, work, and ball busting. The boys get into some deeper topics like the ethics behind creativity, commerce, and where artists can derive their identity. However... all that adult talk is balanced out with a call to Dorothy and finding the best non art related hashtags. Antics ensue.

Talking Points for Episode 369

  • A proper send off for our tax dollars.
  • Retirement plans for The Real Mark Brickey and who his favorite artist from the show is.
  • Aspirations within animation.
  • Taking your logo from vector to sketch a la DKNG.
  • "This Is Dorothy"
  • Lapses in judgement about Billy playing along.
  • Rebranding through advertising for a desired result.
  • Analyzing a self initiated project and achieving your intended results.
  • Where to look for professional happiness and how that relates to your sense of identity as an artist.
  • Billy has a few new business ventures to promote.
  • Whats after enamel pins? One word. Broaches.
  • Weighing the pros and cons of printing on demand.
  • How to learn form your failures and be a bit wary of your successes.
  • Achieving notoriety as a graphic designer versus an artist or illustrator.
  • Starting a side project that centers around self promotion.
  • Paying your dues more than once.
  • The power in a purchase; an homage to Tony Mendez
  • Mark, Billy, and James each share their perspective on parody in design.
  • How artists are effected when their intellectual property is used.
  • Copy. Transform. Combine. Everything is a remix.
  • Are you bootlegging or building?
  • Trusting your instincts when the time is right.
  • #shirtonly versus #roastbeef
  • Strategies on building a following.