337 - Tough Love with Mark Brickey and Friends Volume II

Episode 337 - Tough Love with Mark Brickey and Friends Volume II

Bill Bubenik  & Anderson Munro share their career obstacles while Mark Brickey, Mitch Putnam and Ben Neuhaus offer the Tough Love.

Part 01: Bill Bubenik from WestPark-Creative.com 

Bill Bubenik works as a full time creative temp, taking on the role of a long term contract employee for agencies needing more workforce during transitional times. Bill spends his evenings and weekends working on his growing letterpress business where he focuses on greeting cards. Realizing being a temp is a temporary solution (duh) Bill wants to turn his greeting card line into his day job. To make this transition he needs to be able to move more innovatory and have more people aware of his product line. He also believes branding himself as a wedding design company may give him the steady revenue to make this the move even faster. 

Part 02: Anderson Munro from BluuDreams.com

Anderson Munro is a business student turned designer. His clothing line Bluu Dreams has quickly grown from just t-shirts to a street wear brand offering many items beyond the t-shirt. This past fall he did a holiday popup shop in his home town in Long Island, NY. Enjoying this experience and the effects it had on his brand, he’s flirting with the idea of going full time retail. Anderson is thinking maybe partnering with a highly desirable sneaker line could be the competitive edge to keep the a new location open all while growing his own line Bluu Dreams.

Part 03: Mitch Putnam of PostersandToys.com

Mitch Putnam juggles different roles for many projects all at once. He fully understands the importance of separating your professional interests into different businesses. Mitch also has a strong idea of what it takes to sell thousands of units each year from 4 different websites. He quickly becomes aware of several moves that Bill needs to make to properly breakup his projects and streamline his customer message. Mitch and Mark also debate the longterm side effects of choosing a business name that narrows your future growth. 

Part 04:  Ben Neuhaus of Snake Oil Provisions

Ben Neuhaus knows how to create not just a retail destination but how to create an entire brand lifestyle. From throwing great parties, being very engaging through social media and carefully selecting only the best in menswear, he has nailed the modern day retail struggles into a very successful growing busines. Ben knows how to create relationships with brands and get the most exclusives pieces in his store, as well as the basic breakdown on what it takes financially to get a store up and running. Ben shares all of his knowledge with Andy to help him see his day dream as a realistic accomplishment, if he’s willing to work hard enough for it to happen.