336 - The Legend of Tom Zutaut with Mary Sparr of The Enclave

Episode 336 - The Legend of Tom Zutaut with Mary Sparr of The Enclave

A&R Legend Tom Zutaut shares stories of discovering and signing Mötley Crüe and Guns N’ Roses to their first ever record deals. An inspiring tale of being a self starter.

“I had never really thought of it that way” the honest reaction you’ll hear time and time again from a man that never really saw the world like many of us do. Hear how Tom’s passion for music in just a few short years created an Almost Famous like existence for his life that would take him from high school radio programer to Elektra Records A&R

Living in Hollywood and knowing that something big was about to happen inspires Tom to sign his first band ever, the very raw, “To Fast For Love” version of Mötley Crüe. Eight short years later he’d do it all over again with being the fist to sign the all ready legendary Guns N’ Roses. 

Hear a tale of the unmeasurable success that can happen if you follow your heart more than society’s guidelines. Tom is one of those rare people that doesn’t see social barriers only where his passions meet opportunity. You may never sign the next great rock band for millions of dollars but you can learn a thing or two about having a healthy self worth from your new friend Tom Zutaut.

In a rare Circle of Trust moment Tom invites his current business partner Mary Sparr on the show and the two of them give a detailed account of the business model that they are currently forming. This incredibly honest and detailed account of The Enclave is a rare moment where you feel as if our microphones have going into a white board creative meeting, where in a uncensored manner, our guests spill their entire emotional business plan. We also get to hear how Tom relies on his much younger business partner to help him navigate the waters on new media and social media. We also learn why Tom feels it’s so important to share his life experience as a mentor.