338 - Nathanio Strimpopulos of Third Man Records

Episode 338 - Nathanio Strimpopulos of Third Man Records

Nathanio Strimpopulos is a designer and head of the Third Man Records design department. 

Grammy nominated package designer Nathanio Strimpopulos sat down for a interview in downtown Los Angeles on the eve of his first ever trip to the Grammys. Nat as his friends and non Greeks call him is a designer for Third Man Records in Nashville, Tennessee, a lifestyle record company founded by rock musician Jack White. Nat recently took the lead role of the Third Man design department and shares with us stories of working directly with Jack, being in a management role and the philosophy behind Third Man Records unique way of making nostalgic music products for consumers that truly love listening, collecting and buyng music. If you ever dreamed of working at record label, in 2016, this is about as great of a job you could possibly hear about. Glad to know that the dream is still alive for someone!