333 - Rebecca Rienks - Music Supervisor for film and television. “Painting Someone Else’s House”

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Episode 333 - Rebecca Rienks - Music Supervisor for film and television. “Painting Someone Else’s House”

Rebecca Rienks is the music supervisor for E! Entertainment Television and has worked on countless film and television projects as a music supervisor / music consultant. 

Talking Points on Episode 333 with Rebecca Rienks
- What in the hell is a music supervisor and how does that role change project to project.
- Even dream jobs have problems but at least they’re interesting problems. 
- Mark & Rebecca discuss “approach / don’t approach” the famous guy in the room.
- Saying goodbye to freelance work when you’re too busy with your big girl job.
- With a shift in viewing habits and digital encouraging more folks to cut the cable, Rebecca’s role and insight on the future of E!.
- Just how important your network is when working in the entertainment industry.
- Gender roles in the art of negotiating. 
- Working with directors and how every project requires different responsibilities from a music supervisor. 
- When done correctly how the soundtrack itself can be a character in the film or TV show.
- Dealing with entertainment clients and knowing the art of showing your clients only what’s possible. 
- How Rebecca finds new music and more importantly how she continues to be a fan.
- Showmanship, Father John Misty and the bands we can’t stand because they’ve yet to learn how to talk in-between songs. 
- Mark’s idea of a hip hop driving tour.