334 - Shop Talk with Billy Baumann and Sean Mort “The 88 Sting”

Episode 334 - Shop Talk with Billy Baumann and Sean Mort “The 88 Sting”

The end of the week wrap up from your favorite co-hosts Billy Baumann of Delicious Design League and Sen Mort of SeanMort.com join Mark Brickey to help you wind down your work week with a interesting conversation on the gray areas of inspired by artwork. Everyone gets thrown under the bus in today’s open and honest IP talk.

Talking Points on Today’s Episode
- Gray Area 01: Making movie posters for movie theaters not the studios. 
- Gray Area 02: Being so good at your craft that major properties not only turn a blind eye but purchases your artwork and hire you directly to work on their brand. The old bootleg hat trick.
- Gray Area 03: Students making fan art for their portfolio or curating your blog with fan art for exposure.
- Gray Area 04: Leaving the name off of the artwork but using everything else that makes an instant association with a entertainment brand. 
- Gray Area 05: Artist interpreting other artists. 
- As part of our legal speculation a new character joins the show, The Southern Lawyer.
- Passive Aggressive Non Social Media. Just speak your mind or don’t post. 

Circle of Trust Bonus Content
- Millennial / Generation Z Marketing and how Mark is doing it all wrong. Will a visit Digital Entertainment World change Mark’s jaded heart. 
- The Age of Discovery. Has it passed via the Google anything you want world that we live in. 
- Is design your passion of just a job?
- Who’s got the best boot? America’s Florida or Europe’s Italy.
- Sexy Star Wars Talk.