320 - Shop Talk with Sean Mort “The Peoples Champ”

Talking Points You’ll Hear on Episode 316
• Sean Mort The Peoples Champ. Listener response to the Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson of podcasting.
• Behind Closed Doors. The value of the private exchanges happening In The Circle of Trust members section.
• A Mort Awakens. Sean’s new products and new series that he has started working on. 
• Design Within Design. Sean’s strategy to design products that showcase his visual and selling strengths.
• Shame On You. Hashtags, why do some artist shame other for using them. Is Hashtags a smart or desperate move.
• Through With Being Cool. Not worrying that your artwork isn’t what the cool kids are talking about.
• Working Within Your Constraints. How TV struggles to make good super hero programs, due to a lack of working within their creative and financial constraints. 

Circle of Trust Paid Content
• Slow Down Dude. 3 words to live by, society is moving to slow.
• Everything Changes. The effects of living in a time where a majority of products evolve, change and upgrade.
• Tales From Private Browsing.
• Afraid To Make Something New. We examine Emerald City, a slated Wizard of Oz TV project, and ponder why take the risk on working with something that is so precious to so many people versus creating a new story or project.

The Nucleus of Trust (Content You Probably Don’t Care About)
Disneyland Talk For Those Who Care.