321 - Roadrunner of The Year and Mike Fisher of Maxflo Industries

Mark shares his elementary school experiences as a Riverside Roadrunner and Mike Fisher a old school poster designer, stepped out from underneath the sure thing of merchandise design for the music industry, to pursuit his first love in life… HOCKEY! Hear Mike’s story of following his passions to the best spot in his career after 20 years of commercial art experience. Apparently Mike Fisher and Mark Brickey prove you CAN teach old dogs new tricks. Hear how finding your niche can make you emotionally rich on todays Adventure In Design.

In The Circle of Trust (Paid Content)
- How being a goalie trained Mike Fisher to work under pressure and take criticism.
- Mike explains how even got back into painting Goalie masks after years of ignoring this talent. 
- The art of Maxflo Industries business model and keeping clients well informed on the tight leash.
- Mike helps walk us through a step by step and payment by payment process his customers go through for his custom paint jobs.