319 - Shop Talk with Billy Baumann and Sean Mort


Talking Points on Episode 319
• Hitler To Snow White. Billy ranks his hatred for Sean Mort.
• Puppy Pro Tip. Sean Mort took Mark’s advice and got a dog.
• How To Publish Posters. We explain to a caller how APs (Artist Proofs) can work as partial or full payment when publishing poster work. 
• Doing The Math. Breaking down the numbers of what you are actually getting when negotiating for non cash payment.
• Big Ups To Brooklyn. Breaking down the niche businesses of Brooklyn.
• The New American Landscape. How strip malls and chain businesses have made all of America look the same. 
• Judge Brickey. Mark breaks down his tipping method when doing business with the service industry.

In The Circle of Trust Paid Content
• Chef Sean Mort. Sean gives us all his favorite Nutella recipe.
• Hello My Name Is. People that get excited about otters with their same name.
• Shocker Jocks Don’t Know How Behave. Why the media acts surprised when athletes act out… duh.
• The Outsides. On paper it sounds great to a get outsider into the White House, but then when it starts to happen it’s not so great.
• Too Old To Ride This Ride. Setting a age limit on how old presidents can be.