318 - Jay Shaw Volume: II

Jay Shaw is in charge of Design Services and a Creative Director for Mondo. He’s also a incredibly great story teller and brutally honest, making him a fantastic match and co host for Mark Brickey on today’s episode. 

Talking Points You’ll Hear on Episode 318
• Jaded, Negative or Realistic. We rate our personalties.
• Stockholm Syndrome Surveyors Club. Getting out from under the cloud of a negative parent. 
• Raising Adults. You make think that you’re raising children but according to Jay you’re actually raising adults. 
• Happily Married. Jay and Mark examine how happy they are due to being married and examine the dark alternative reality where they’re still single.
• A Reason To Go Home. Looking out the window of plane at the wing and begging the plane to get you home safely to the family you have created. 
• Series Finale. What happens when your show (life) comes to and end, we ponder the after life or lack there of.
• White Guy, Black Arm. Jay shares with us the idea of shading his entire left arm in solid black and our history with bad tattoos. 

In The Circle of Trust Paid Content
• Cutting Through The Noise. Jay Shaw created a cover for Time Magazine this year and finally made something that made his parents proud.
• Master of None. Creating the title credits for “Master of None” Aziz Ansari’s hit series on Netflix. 
• Artist To Artist. How creating directly with another artist and cutting out middle management makes for great commercial art.
• New Space / New Rules. Praising Netflix for doing it different and shaming SiriusXM for not.
• Share The Wealth. Jay Shaw is in charge of Design Services at Mondo and tries his hardest to always hire other designers.
• These Are Not Consumer Products, These Are Trophies. The real thing that’s being made by Mondo and the real key to their success. 
• What Goes Around Comes Around. How Mondo is often now approached by entertainment companies instead of having to contact the companies.