316 - Jeral Tidwell “Redneck Wisdom with Uncle Jeral”

Jeral Tidwell aka The Human Tree is a one man creative wrecking ball. He only says the word NO but never allows himself to hear it. Either too stubborn or too stupid to give up, Jeral has slowly created a well respected career and now calls all of his own shots, living a life of creative freedom but not the type of freedom money buys, that type of freedom that hard work earns. In his 6th appearance he fully explains the ugly truth that getting to say NO is a privilege that is earned and a goal that you work toward. So the next time a keynote speaker simply says “Say no more often” you’ll know the score on getting to this over used and over simplified statement. 

Talking Points on Episode 316
 • How To Escape The Rat Race. Jeral explains how he decided to properly set his life up to keep him free from the competitive creative job market. 
• Keeping Clients On The Short Leash. If clients really knew what they wanted, they’d do it themselves, how to make your partners respect your process. 
• Bottom Of The Ladder. Everything starts with art but yet in many industries we are at the bottom of the ladder, the last ones to touch a project and the least represented by agents, unions or direct management.
• Fast Food Of The Art World. How commercial art has become a cheap and fast turnaround or get replaced job market. 
• Crushing Creative Dreams. The price art direction pays when dictating on demand creativity.

In The Circle of Trust Paid Content
• Creating The Escape Pod. Having the exit strategy in your back pocket to allow you more creative control and leverage in negotiating your career.
• Art Suffers. The constant demands to make a living from your art has many creatives coming up short when they should be putting their best foot forward.
• Tailgating Your Mind. Feeling the pressure to make faster, to create faster until you can’t even enjoy the experience anymore. 
• Fuck Their Ideas. The belief that clients don’t know what they want and that’s why they hired you.
• Live Free Or Die. Controlling your lifestyle and professional existence, making the world work for you.
• The Truth On Saying NO. You have to learn how to first say YES and insulate yourself from the traps of not being able to professionally say NO.
• The Lottery Changes Nothing. When you’re already who you want to be, money only makes life easier, but it doesn't change your direction.