315 - Shop Talk with Billy Baumann & James Flames

Episode 315 - Shop Talk with Billy Baumann & James Flames

We talk about goals versus happiness and Mark learns who is Dr Strange

Talking Points You’ll Hear on Episode 315
• The Friday show says goodbye to Robert From Chicago
• Baby’s First Christmas. Billy tells us about his first holiday with child.
• Set Goals, Make Accomplishments, Find Happiness. Billy’s theory on make accomplishments your end goal not happiness. 
• Time Is Running Out. Mark realizes his window in life is closing to accomplish his dreams and self evaluates to long haul versus the short gain.
• Capturing Your Ideas. The gang exchanges tips on how they get their creative ideas out of their heads and captured into a system.

The Circle of Trust Paid Content
• Excited Much? 2016 movies that you should or shouldn’t be excited about and exactly who is Dr Strange? 
• Always A Bridesmaid, Never A Bride. Exploring the short comings of DC Comics and how they just can’t seem to transition their IP to the big screen.
• Making Popcorn At Home. If huge action movies aren’t your thing, you’re in luck. The movie industry is creating a delivery system to bring the arthouse to your house.
• This Isn’t Your Dad’s Star Trek. How the brand has evolved into entirely different product from it’s political origins. 
• Best Movie Franchise of All Time. Billy and James bracket out the best movie franchises of all time according to Entertainment Weekly. 
• Meet Your New Favorite Caller. Bobby from Chicago calls in.