258 - Product Drop 01: “Practice Makes Perfect” by Kyle Letendre & Billy Baumann of Delicious Design League

Our first ever Product Drop episode where we spend the first hour of the show talking about the concept and design execution of our timed release art print “Practice Makes Perfect” available today at AIDpodcast.com. You’ll hear the complete design process today from idea conception, sketching process and then the many tips, tricks and tools that Kyle Letendre used to flush out this piece to final execution. 

In the Circle of Trust (Paid Member Content) you’ll hear 100% transparency on the business side of our first Product Drop. Every penny and process is broken down to help us all understand what it takes to manufacture, market and deliver a product. You will learn how much earning potential everyone involved in the Product Drop stands to make for each unit sold. We also make realistic predictions and projections on how many units need to be sold to hit certain benchmarks and what numbers the team will consider a total failure. Stay tuned for future episodes where we keep you involved in the Product Drop so that we can all use this release as a case study and learning tool in selling your own products.