257 - Pitchgrim “From Swamps To Santa Cruz” The Cody Melick Mysteries

Pitchgrim aka Cody Melick went from working in the swamps of Florida to being the in house design illustration guy at Santa Cruz Skateboard. This is his story of being a husband, a new dad, working a dream job and still finding time for his own design pursuits under the name Pitchgrim.

Talking Points You’ll Hear on Episode 257
- Working in the alligator infested swamps of Florida to offset your starting out freelance design work.
- Taking the job of a legend, but someone had to take Jim Phillips job at Santa Cruz Skateboards.
- Inheriting classic imagery and finding new ways to interrupt the brand.
- The intimidation and pressure of working with popular intellectual properties like Star Wars or Marvel while still trying to keep it brand specific to Santa Cruz.
- The weekly workflow of being the in-house illustrator for a major skateboard company.
- How to keep to up with creative pace of a heavy workload. 
- Being a husband, new dad and having a dream job, what kind of work makes Cody jump into more illustration hours.
- Quickly hating your work as soon as it’s finished.

Circle of Trust (Paid Member Content)
- Keeping your own brand alive while killing it at the dream day job.
- Getting better at your trade by keeping up with a high demand illustration job. 
- Living under the moniker of your own brand or day job. 
- Just enjoying your work getting out into the world without worrying about the credit or fame.
- Setting both personal work and day job goals