256 - Jason Welsher "To Die For"

Jason Welsher is Southern California apparel printing master, from your favorite punk rock bands, to your little sisters favorite clothing brands, Jason has printed or consulted on it all. We talk to him about his vision of artist relations and how he has curated his own apparel brand “To Die For” into a artists first label. We also encourage him to go further in his current project playing agent to those in the creative community that could use Jason’s business knowledge and history to make their future’s even brighter. 

Talking Points You’ll Hear on Episode 256
- The ethics and mindset that birthed To Die For’s standard of top quality. 
- Cash flow through the years with bands and clothing brands.
- How the rock n roll merchandise companies devalued the design community and the fans lose in the end.
- The bro days of designing for free merchandise are gone… EVERYONE MUST GET PAID!
- Helping others see the world of business opportunities that they are seemingly blind to.
- Staying Rock N Roll Thin. 

Circle of Trust (Paid Member Content)
- Following your strong points to success.
- Working with other creatives and thinking about the long term face of your brand.
- How worker harder can just wear you out.
- What it was like to print for clothing companies as they were blowing up.
- Why in the end to give up printing and focus on products.
- Lessons learned from watching others have financial booms and getting fooled by the rat race.
- Don’t let your big bank account balance fool you, you are always broke! 
- Letting others bring out the best in you.
- NDA Cast Exclusive: Mark tells about the time a merch company asked for his real opinion on their in house work.
- Straight Edge in your golden years.