252 - Michael Sieben

Michael Sieben took an opportunity at a Fugazi concert that forever changed his creative life, now years later he’s illustrated his own books, skateboards and countless fine art prints / gallery shows. Currently he resides as the managing editor of Thrasher Magazine and recently launched his visionary skateboard company The Program.

Talking Points You’ll Hear on Episode 252
- Humanizing your heroes to get over the hump of intimidation.
- Becoming a huge part of Thrasher Magazine from monthly illustrations, articles and now editor.
- How one career milestone can create many others.
- Creating a visual universe and allowing yourself to create anything within your style.
- How Michael and a friend tried several times to get their own skateboard line up and off of the ground.
- We introduce you to “The Program” Michael Sieben’s new skateboard company with a heavy narrative.
- The influence of art through skateboarding heroes such as the great Neil Blender.
- Story telling through your company’s brand and marketing.

Circle of Trust (Paid Member Content)
- Doing the math before you say yes to creating a book.
- Michael Sieben’s illustrated Wizard of OZ book containing over 60 illustrations and the creative / business lessons he learned from this massive undertaking. 
- How a failed art show experience inspired Michael and friends to create their own gallery.
- Even dreamers can be complainers.