253 - Derrick Castle "Hillbilly Wednesday - Bondo And Beauty Queens"

Regular guest Derrick Castle joins us to talk about some of the business experiments that he’s tried over the summer show season. 

Talking Points You’ll Hear on Episode 253
- Mark & Derrick debate the best way to pull off a promotion at your live events.
- Not feeling comfortable with being a winner when you’re use to losing.
- Is Brickley becoming the Hollywood elite by getting a pedicure.
- The Derrick Castle work, work balance as his day job get busier.
- Long term client projects and waiting for work to find it’s way to the publics eye.
- Derrick’s excitement about doing his first big solo show in Nashville.
- Classic cars, Castle is thinking about picking up a Sunday driver.
- Derrick’s struggle with pre promotion through Instagram and wondering if it hurts sales.
- Mark says thanks to Derrick for helping the show out when he needed it the most last year.

Circle of Trust (Paid Member Content)
- Mark gives Derrick some feedback on how to possibly sell more of his recent print by making a couple of printing adjustments. REAL LIVE CASE STUDY
- Designing For Consumers - NOT - Designing For Designers.
- Excitement about Mondo Con and the new caller phone line 18555JERKOFF.
- Mark proposes a 2016 Adventures In Design Summer Camp with Derrick Castle and other show favorites.
- Derrick and Mark talk about digital distribution and possibly starting the AID digital goods store with Derrick’s recent digital work. 
- Castle gives feedback on the type of shows that he wants to keep hearing on AID.