251 - Phil Guy

Illustrator Phil Guy sits in to talk about his love of illustrating the seventies, managing a big Instagram account and finding his way back to Ohio to keep life profitable. 

Talking Points You’ll Hear on Episode 251
- The dizziness of looking at characters with an extra set of eyes.
- Line weight and characters that call back to the illustration style of the seventies counter culture.
- How guys keep finding and bringing back to life the look of the seventies.
- Things we find as kid and have no idea what it is we truly have stumbled upon.
- Realizing as an adult that the cool kids in your neighborhood probably weren’t that cool.
- How Phil Guy used a well curated Instagram account to grow his audience and grow his business. 
- A good tattoo artist versus a bad one, thinking long term and not overworking the piece.
- Running your own store fulfillment to better know your customers.

Circle of Trust (Paid Member Content)
- The pain of T-Shirt design, giving shape to the shapeless design. 
- Playing it safe with commercial art when you really wanted to be an artist. 
- The larger the social media audience, the engagement weakens. 
- Managing a large social media account.
- The expectations of free information through the internet.
- Using a brush and inking the perfect line versus trying to recreate that perfection.