249 - Dave Kloc

Dave Kloc was invited by a friend to attend the Meltdown a weekly comedy show at Meltdown Comics in Los Angeles. He then came up with the idea to make a weekly poster for the event and has continued this weekly tradition for nearly 5 years.

Talking Points You’ll Hear on Episode 249
- Creating your an opportunity for yourself.
- Early mistakes, doing it all wrong to teach yourself how to do it right.
- Keeping your head down and staying in the zone when creating a new poster weekly.
- How creating the Meltdown opportunity has opened up so many other opportunities for Dave Kloc’s career.
- Creating a partnership with the people that you work with.
- Full circle moments in your life.
- Launching a web store and finding a efficient way to make the store work for your schedule.

Circle of Trust (Paid Member Content)
- Dave explains the method to his  schedule madness in keeping up with the demands of his weekly poster gig and still taking on other projects.
- Diversifying your product line to make the most of the designs that you create.
- Learning the efficiencies of managing your supplies.
-  A friendly debate over performance art.