248 - Luke Chueh "Burdened By Ambition"

Hear the life and times of Luke Chueh a celebrated figure in the Los Angeles low brow art scene as well as a known name in designer toys.

Talking Points You’ll Hear on Episode 248
- Growing up as an outsider.
- Picking commercial design because it feels way safer than choosing fine art.
- Drug abuse and 14 years missing. 
- Learning how your industry truly works through a great starter job.
- Influences from pop culture. 
- The artistic and narrative tricks of Luke Chueh in illustration and story telling. 

(Circle of Trust (Paid Member Content)
- Feeling addicted to the success of your signature look and being afraid to let go.
- With a heavy daily drug habit being afraid to change the artwork due to fear of losing the constant cash flow needed. 
- Luke’s theory on 3 things needed for success.
- Does toy design damage your fine art career.
- Life being easier when addicted to drugs.
- Feeling the burdenen of ambition
- The things you work the hardest for are the things that you cherish the most.
- Getting out into the world around you, to help your career with the art of discovery.