247 - Richard Minino "Horsebites"

Florida designer Richard Minino joins us to talk about how rad the 70s were, custom painting motorcycle tanks and helmets plus how much fun he’s having with his new brand TheVNM.com 

Talking Points You’ll Hear on Episode 247
- Starting a clothing brand based on what you’d want to wear, not what you think other people want to wear.
- Richard’s DIY discovery of custom painting motorcycle tanks and helmets.
- Living up the expectations of hardworking blue color dad. 
- Not knowing how to explain what you do for a living.
- The influence of Florida on Richard and his family’s decision to relocate there.

Circle of Trust (Paid Member Content)
- The glory days of finding friend and important business information from message boards.
- Finding personal peace from being a dog owner.
- Running a business with your friends to stay motivated and inspired. 
- Managing shipping, inventory and fulfillment through someone dedicated to that part of the business.