243 - Ty Mattson "Creative Endurance"

Ty Mattson of MattsonCreative.com became the guy in the design magazine with first class client list, a envy worthy portfolio and a office space that looks like you have died and gone to design heaven. He breaks down the facade with more inspirational real talk than you can shake a stick at.

Talking Points You’ll Hear On Episode 243
- How a work space defines the type of work that you do.
- Not putting your name on the door to make your space more inclusive to others that work there.
- Creating a A+ roster of clients by being fans of your client’s work.
- A good designer can always create greatness, despite set backs and project stipulations. 
- Breaking out of local level work and going after national work.
- Working with Apple and making it back to where design started for you.
- Turning your website into a “menu” that allows clients to “shop” for the services that you offer.
- Creating a portfolio book to send to your clients and other tools to keep connected to your clients.
- Having a something or somebody to prove wrong and using that as motivation to prove yourself right.

In The Circle Of Trust (Paid Subscriber Content)
- What happens when you give yourself permission to do your dream job.
- Standing by your personal work and not being able to hid be the excuse of clients.
- Something good always comes out of following your passion.
- Why not? Why wouldn’t you challenge yourself.
- Speaking the language of design but also learning to listen.
- Finding the balance of life when everything is awesome.
- Enjoying where you are it in life and not worrying about what’s next