241 - Dan Stiles "A Man Possessed"

Dan Stiles is one of the sharpest minds in commercial design today. Hear Dan share with us his tips on process and creative thinking.

Talking Points You’ll Hear On Episode 241
- Getting to design the outer wrap of a classic standup arcade game for Google.
- There’s a bigger world than being a flat 2D guy. Enjoying packaging & environmental design even though your artwork in it’s simplest form is very flat. 
- Dan & Mark discuss their favorite aspects of Dismaland the amusement park installment created by Banksy & friends.
- Enjoying sharing process with others and why we believe people learn to hear process.
- Staying a man possessed to continue to grow your career. 
- If books aren’t monetarily profitable then what’s the real pay off in being published.
- Does editorial work ever lead to money or is it really about the vanity. 
- How Dan has evolved into a designer that can “merge” 2 different items into one through illustration.
- We get Dan Stiles to break down the “artist statement” in some of his very simple but bold logo work. (This started as a gag but gives a ton of real design, marketing and retail advice for any commercial artist)

In The Circle Of Trust (Paid Subscriber Content)
- Dan breaks down more of his iconic logos and keeps dropping simple but strong design practices that we should all follow to create successful branding.
- Staying neutral in your design and letting the public decide what the work means to them.
- Being a hunter and always hunting for new ideas and concepts to bring into your work.
- Thinking of your design apps as the greatest video game that you every played to learn the science and tools of design.
- The constant reinvention of Dan Stiles conceptual design even thought the visual tone stays the same. 
- Having a signature color pallet but knowing when it’s time to break it and go off brand.
- The signs that a agency is coming to your for the right or wrong reasons.
- Does working with youth design limit your growth in the world of fine art? Do you separate your looks or put everything under one promotional roof.
- Knowing to go with the times and keep evolving guy.
- Why did the idealism of “SELLING OUT” go away?
- When music was scary.