240 - Shop Talk with Mark, Billy, and James

The whole gang is back together after 3 Fridays apart. The first hour is all over the place bouncing from topic to topic. In the Circle of Trust the guys give their takes on big topics that our guests have brought to the table this week on Adventures In Design.

Talking Points You’ll Hear On Episode 241
- Bad spots at live shows.
- Kanye West blowing up and losing it during a interview. Plus Marks love of the man, his ego and music.
- Big bands don’t always mean big sells.
- What Care Bear would you be?
- Late nights and beta testing nightmares.
- Mark’s white trash timeshare.

The Circle of Trust (Paid Subscriber Content)
We review the week that was on Adventures In Design
- From the Miles Tsang interview how to stay hungry after you find some level of success.
- Mark & Beth still working as collaborators  and as a team even though they don’t do design together.
- Biggest gambles that the guys have taken in their careers.
- Early jobs that sucked.
- Finding your ego.