239 - Miles Tsang

Canadian illustrator Miles Tsang checks back in with us to share the success that he has seen over the last 10 months as his young career is starting to take solid shape. We bond over where’s he’s been, where he’s at now and come up with a plan to get him where he wants to go next. A great episode for anyone trying to level up in life.  

Talking Points You’ll Hear On Episode 239
- We catch up from Miles since we last spoke to him in December to find that his career is really taking off and he’s staying so busy his personal life is paying the price.
- A tale of two countries, understanding the places in-between large cities, trying to understand small town life.
- How Miles parents relocated from Hong Kong to Columbus, Ohio and then Toronto, Ontario.
- Chasing compliments and validation through your artwork as a kid.
- You never get to “there”, there being the place that you think will make you more happy.
-  Trying to understand how others see their race and find inspiration from people that are ethnically similar to them. 
- As Miles career is taking off he’s finding more self confidence in life and coming out of the shell that he lived in as a young boy.

The Circle of Trust (Paid Subscriber Content)
- Getting denied entry to Austin, TX for Flatstock.
- The Drake effect in Canada.
- Miles career role models and what he needs to apply to his business to obtain the similar results as those he looks up to.
- Settling into a level of success and forgetting the hustle to evolve to the next level.